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@Stan_Kladko If only 1m ETH is staking, the rewards will be about 17% annually.


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@JTarufeti @mrVinceAllen @cz_binance Tax revenue. Only a small portion of US government revenue comes from seignorage.
And police departments are typically funded by local govts, which don't even have any ability to print US dollars.

@JTarufeti@mrVinceAllen@cz廑u binance税收。美国政府收入中只有一小部分来自铸币业。

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@Stan_Kladko I think everyone looking to stake already knows that they are taking a bet that the transition will successfully complete. We fully expect fewer stakers at the beginning, and they will get a return commensurate with this higher risk.


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@Stan_Kladko What are the flaws?
And what's the point of posting "there are fatal flaws" without immediately mentioning what the supposed flaws are?


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@Overmindcrypto Yes the virus is real.


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@BenoitThepin Connais-tu des projets qui font ça maintenant? Je connais quelque projets qui font des marchés qui utilisent la cryptographie pour protéger les données de santé privées mais il n'y a pas beaucoup.


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@BenoitThepin Comment peut-on utiliser la technologie crypto pour construire un meilleur système de santé?


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@TweetSimmo Yeah that would have been much less bad. Would have still been a weird in the current context (no, George Floyd's neck would not have survived that knee if he had been a BTC whale) but that would have at least acknowledged that it's only one piece of the puzzle.


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@benjmnr Oh this is exactly the viewpoint that I fully agree with!


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I will come out and say this directly: this mentality below is *exactly* what we should be expanding beyond right now. REFORMING MONEY IS NOT SUFFICIENT.

#Bitcoin is the peaceful protest.

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2016-20 is a period of ideological realignment. Many old ideologies and coalitions are dying, and many new ones being born. The hills and valleys on the battlefields are shifting.
The crypto space needs to be watching carefully and adjust to new realities.


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Financial censorship (especially the insidious second-order variety where intermediaries get quietly pushed to extrajudicially block use cases that are perfectly legal) continues to be a problem for many marginalized groups and crypto can help.


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Though I do think that a broad shift from crypto *just* being finance to crypto also being decentralized governance and organization and community is needed, and is happening.
After all, public goods and community are incredibly important even to the crypto space itself.


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Luckily, there's many categories of ethereum applications (and other chains) that go beyond finance. Decentralized censorship-resistant publishing and communication, decentralized communities / governance / DAOs, DAOs for content curation, etc etc. All important work.


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Within the space of financial apps, I would say the success of stablecoins has shown that what people want is NOT to get away from the USD right this minute, but to move into the crypto *environment* where they have more options of what to do with their money.
Freedom of exit.


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And cryptocurrencies ended up being very much correlated to wider economic trends. Doesn't mean they don't protect from other things (eg. political barriers/interference), but it *does* mean that narratives need to adjust.


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Conclusion: finance is relatively less important this decade than it was in the last decade, and the crypto space needs to adjust to this reality. Even *within* finance, some change of emphasis is in order.


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2020 is first and foremost *not* a financial crisis. It's a virus crisis, it's a crisis of epistemology (how we learn what's true and what's false in the face of competing groups misleading us), it's a crisis of overbearing policing in many places, and much more.


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Yes, the money printer did go brrrrr. But that's a relatively small portion of what is going on, and even there inflation is still going *down* not up.


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Bitcoin was born out of a crisis that was fundamentally financial in nature. Either the banks misbehaved, or the government over/under/misregulated the financial sector, or they bailed out too many banks, or they printed too many dollars.


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