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Access your files remotely with guaranteed security and low latency by the combination of #nConnect and @ASUSTOR device! Retweet with the #ASUSTORxNKN #nConnect before (UTC -8) 10/July/2022 23:59 PM, to win an @ASUSTOR NAS and up to 480GB of data package! https://t.co/CxwjNAIfuo

通过#nConnect和@ASUSTOR设备的组合,以有保证的安全性和低延迟远程访问您的文件!在2022年7月10日(UTC-8)23:59 PM之前使用#ASUSTORxNKN#nConnect进行转发,赢取@ASUSTOR NAS和高达480GB的数据包!https://t.co/CxwjNAIfuo

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RT: Access your files remotely with guaranteed security and low latency by the combination of nConnect and ASUSTOR device! Retweet with the #ASUSTORxNKN #nConnect before (UTC -8) 10/July/2022 23:59 PM, to win an ASUSTOR NAS and up to 480GB of data package! https://t.co/ResF2pKsdl

RT:通过nConnect和ASUSTOR设备的组合,以有保证的安全性和低延迟远程访问您的文件!在2022年7月10日(UTC-8)23:59 PM之前使用#ASUSTORxNKN#nConnect进行转发,以赢得ASUSTOR NAS和高达480GB的数据包!https://t.co/ResF2pKsdl

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NKN June 2022 monthly report
- @binance adding $NKN/$BUSD support
- @NknPool | An easy and secure NKN mining pool by community
- @binance launches $NKN staking program
- NKN Short video series | developing with NKN
- Upcoming Twitter reward Campaign!

NKN 2022年6月月报
-@NknPool |社区提供的一个简单安全的NKN采矿池

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Remember the jumping dino game for the Chrome browser, that can only be played by one person? Try the 1-on-1 dino game based on NKN’s unique communication technology without servers. A fun little game!
https://dino.nkn.org/ https://t.co/iispOPUJXs

https://dino.nkn.org/ https://t.co/iispOPUJXs

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nRide is one of the winners of @NKN_ORG @gitcoin GR11 hackathon last year. Congratulations on launching an enhanced product and a new community driven ecosystem! $NKN #BUIDL #web3 https://twitter.com/nRide12/st...

Welcome to nRide! We are thrilled to begin this journey with you. Follow us for more updates, and make sure to read our “Introducing nRide” Medium article 👇🏿👇🏻👇🏽
“Introducing nRide” by nRide
https://link.medium.com/E5tL3R... https://t.co/uBd3UNzwYU

发表时间:1年前 作者:nRide @nRide12

nRide是去年@NKN\u ORG@gitcoin GR11 hackathon的获奖者之一。祝贺您推出增强型产品和新的社区驱动生态系统$NKN#Buildl#web3https://twitter.com/nRide12/st...

https://link.medium.com/E5tL3R... https://t.co/uBd3UNzwYU

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You can use nFTP to send and receive large files between peers without using any centralized servers, with high speed and high security. $NKN #BUIDL #web3
https://nftp.nkn.org/ https://t.co/JHShpxfLj5

https://nftp.nkn.org/ https://t.co/JHShpxfLj5

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RT: #Binance Earn launches @NKN_ORG $NKN Staking Special where users can enjoy up to 63.79% rewards rates.
A share of 450,000 $NKN is also up for grabs, so don't miss out!
More info & risk warning ➡️ https://www.binance.com/en/sup... https://t.co/gEBb8apmez

RT:#Binance Earn Launchs@NKN\u ORG$NKN Legging Special,用户可享受高达63.79%的奖励率。
更多信息(&M);风险警告➡️ https://www.binance.com/en/sup... https://t.co/gEBb8apmez

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It could be quite painful to manage a lot of remote machines on a daily basis. nShell comes to help: it is more convenient and more secure than the popular SSH tool! Find out more in this short overview video.
$NKN #BUIDL #web3
https://forum.nkn.org/t/nkn-sh... https://t.co/kvDJS2vJzt

https://forum.nkn.org/t/nkn-sh... https://t.co/kvDJS2vJzt

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Setting up nShell, an alternative to SSH, is as simple as 1-2-3. Just watch this short video tutorial.
$NKN #BUIDL #web3 https://t.co/18A0EGNQEC


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NKN is the new kind of @Cloudflare
- Less downtime
- More distributed
- Fast & robust routing
- DDOS resistant
- Privacy preserving
- e2e and hop-by-hop encrypted
- Community powered
- Universal Name Service (upcoming)


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Binance add $NKN / $BUSD support! 🚀🎉👍 https://twitter.com/binance/st...

#Binance adds five new trading pairs.

发表时间:1年前 作者:Binance @binance

binance add$NKN/$busd support!🚀🎉👍 https://twitter.com/binance/st...


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RT: ETH/ENS -> NKN address
Stay tuned! @ethereum @NKN_ORG https://t.co/oFF0DIPqnf


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RT: Good news: nPool has been online for a week, with more than 10,000 access nodes. Thanks for your support, we decided to make nPool free forever and continue to contribute to the promotion of NKN ecological prosperity!@NKN_ORG https://t.co/0yxS2xy2pd


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RT: @hc_capital @iEx_ec @Filecoin @SkynetLabs @usebraintrust @foamspace @OfficialXYO @nowdaoit @daostack @storj @iota @akashnet_ @district0x @NKN_ORG @JasmyMGT @ensdomains @Syntropynet @NetVRk1 @RadioCacaNFT @Everdome_io @RealFlokiInu @catecoin @BlockdaemonHQ @DigiByteCoin @ArweaveTeam @golemproject @DeployOnStackOS $RLC 🔥 #iExec https://t.co/IO1VRphPum

RT:@hc\U capital@iEx\U ec@Filecoin@SkynetLabs@usebraintrust@foamspace@OfficialXYO@nowdaoit@daostack@storj@iota@akashnet\u0@district0x@NKN\u ORG@JasmyMGT@ensdomains@Syntropynet@NetVRk1@RadioCacaNFT@Everdome\u io@RealFlokiInu@catecoin@BlockdaemonHQ@DigiByteCoin@ArweaveTeam@golemproject@DeployOnStackOS$RLC🔥 #iExec公司https://t.co/IO1VRphPum

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Did you know that using NKN in your own applications is as easy as 1-2-3! We have our sample code and SDK freely available in many programming languages to every developer and team. $NKN #BUIDL #web3 https://t.co/JmIaYBOk7q


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NKN May 2022 Report
- Launching $NKN new style guide
- nLearning #web3 | Transaction spamming in blockchain
- Mapping local IP drive with nConnect from a public network
- NKN Short video series
- Community votes on the next nMobile feature #BUIDL

NKN 2022年5月报告
-NLLearning#web3 |区块链交易垃圾邮件

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Our community developers have created an easy and secure $NKN Mining Pool, called @NknPool. We tested and like it, since it takes the mining randomness out of your worry. You might want to give it a try as well.
https://www.npool.io/ https://twitter.com/NknPool/st...

Npool is a mining pool that focuses on NKN node mining. Not only provides a simple and quick way to access the NKN network, but also provides a large number of free node wallets for miners. For more surprises, please visit the official website: https://www.npool.io/ https://t.co/oL0h7J4Saj

发表时间:1年前 作者:Npool @NknPool

https://www.npool.io/ https://twitter.com/NknPool/st...

Npool是一个挖掘池,重点是NKN节点挖掘。不仅提供了一种简单快捷的方式访问NKN网络,还为矿工提供了大量免费节点钱包。欲知更多惊喜,请访问官方网站:https://www.npool.io/ https://t.co/oL0h7J4Saj

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Getting ready for some @SpaceX Starlink action! 🚀🚀 https://t.co/Lk4Xq5vogX

为@SpaceX Starlink的一些行动做好准备!🚀🚀 https://t.co/Lk4Xq5vogX

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