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Imagine thinking something other than a mountain of bullshit backed the US dollar.
Crypto is the same thing except we are the printer.
Go brrrrr and have fun.


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@BryceWeiner are u dum, i called u a flat- earther. Because ur ignore reality and cant think critically. Ur saying Debt is wealth u clown. (objectively they have opposite meanings) u think the debt based manipulated central bank system is free market capitalism.

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@aguysomewhere2 @allyouracid Nobody pays it. It’s ephemeral. It doesn’t exist. There’s no account somewhere with a negative balance. Tax money evaporates. Debt evaporates with it.
Because money is debt. Jfc


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You can’t be too mad because economics and finance - especially at the macro scale - is in nobody’s best interest to educate the public.
The more folks get it wrong the more money TBTP make.

@BryceWeiner OMG the answers to the thread
Double entry accounting goes back 8 centuries but the “do my own research” morons still don’t get it.

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@RealAlex256 Read the book.


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The earth is hollow and expanding not flat, dumbass.
Don’t you even science?

@BryceWeiner @allyouracid fuck i forgot im dealing with a flat-earther who has 0 critical thinking skills, no clue how to think from first principles. I wasted my time with the original reply, tht by the way u cant refute, they're legit antonyms but ur smooth brain is ignoring objective reality HSFP!

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RT: i is one really supposed to argue against this?


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@aguysomewhere2 @allyouracid What you have revealed is the amorality of capitalism and the incentive to exploit others.


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@aguysomewhere2 @allyouracid There’s no loss because it’s never repaid. When you pay taxes where you think that money goes?
It’s destroyed along with the debt. Nobody is ever paid back.

@aguysomewhere2 @allyouracid 没有损失,因为它永远不会偿还。当你纳税时,你认为钱去哪里了?

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@tabali_tigi They just jealous. Brexit was all about the pound sterling and I won’t hear argument otherwise.
Why just have the euro when you can have two currencies to arb?


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RT: bank of britain reading this tweet:


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@EndFiat21M They borrowed a shitton and invested it in manufacturing and infrastructure this is not rocket science.


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Not as bad as I feel for you for buying these lies about how macroeconomics works.
Money, Credit, and Banking Cycles by DeSoto. You can download it for free from
Read a book, dummy.

@BryceWeiner I feel bad for you

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Not a problem, per se, but risk.
Yes. There is risk.
We are in crypto. If y’all afraid of risk what are you doing here?

@BryceWeiner Debt is speculative wealth, you have to use that to do something productive to pay it back off. There is no guarantee that anyone can do this 100% without fail, there lies the problem.

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@verimad Not if you’re a government.


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@allyouracid @aguysomewhere2 We don’t pay that debt lol


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You know what happens when the US does it?
Absolutely nothing.
Totally fair tho.

@BryceWeiner Me to the bank when I don't pay them back

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@muhcrypto You can’t tell me you don’t do meth.


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Bro if you have a $9T credit limit yeah you wealthy wtflol

@BryceWeiner $9 Trillion in credit card debt..."mE sO wEalThy!"

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I mean don’t tell the Birchers but that’s not you, personally, as collateral.
It’s a proportional value of the labor you produce.
Be careful. Any more and you might start thinking capitalism is bad.

@BryceWeiner Oh I understand. But collateral is required to get the loans lol.

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