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RT: We’re also introducing ways for customers to further discount their fees
👉 Poloniex Plus: https://support.poloniex.com/h...
👉 Poloniex Market Maker: https://support.poloniex.com/h...
👉 Holding or paying trading fees with $TRX: https://medium.com/poloniex/gi... https://t.co/C7WgHjXhQv

👉Poloniex Plus:https://support.Poloniex.com/h。。。

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#Poloniex introduces platform fee discounts for customers who hold or use $TRX. Customers who hold #TRX or use TRX to pay trading fees will receive a maximum discount of 30%. $TRX holders will be eligible for incentives, such as airdrops, listings, and competitions. https://twitter.com/Poloniex/s...

We’re rolling out a new fee schedule that gives our customers the lowest fees in the market – no matter how much they’re trading
Check out our new fees coming January 8th: https://medium.com/poloniex/gi... https://t.co/l3AuqNx8qu

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Ethereum: "We're hard-forking (again) in 4 days!"
Exchanges: "What" https://t.co/kprrVYe1GJ

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@Poloniex https://twitter.com/zackvoell/。。。


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RT: Back to good old days! https://twitter.com/justinsunt...


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[email protected](previously named #TRXMarket) is the first decentralized exchange based on #TRON network in the world. Poloni Dex is committed to pioneering the decentralized exchange and features safety, transparency, & convenience. https://t.co/e3cxJEEMFP

[email protected](以前称为TRXMarket)是世界上第一个基于TRON网络的分散式交换机。Poloni Dex致力于开创分散式交换的先河,具有安全、透明和方便的特点。https://t.co/e3cxJEEMFP

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RT: Fee-free spot trading has been extended!
To celebrate the new year, all spot trading fees will remain at 0% until January 7, 2020 at 23:59 UTC https://t.co/55fLfXBwhy

为庆祝新年,所有现货交易费用将保持在0%,直到2020年1月7日23:59 UTC https://t.co/55fLfXBwhy

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For a long time, @Poloniex finally comes back to 100M $USD trading volume per day. Onwards! #Poloniex https://t.co/xy4gHihhm1

很长一段时间以来,@Poloniex最终恢复到每天1亿美元的交易量。向前!#Poloniex https://t.co/xy4gHihhm1

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RT: We’re rolling out a new fee schedule that gives our customers the lowest fees in the market – no matter how much they’re trading
Check out our new fees coming January 8th: https://medium.com/poloniex/gi... https://t.co/l3AuqNx8qu


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What do you think?🚀 https://twitter.com/udiWerthei...

I’ve been approached by some EOS whales, they want me to stop shilling Tron and shill EOS instead. I told them @justinsuntron is a hero, but they say EOS will flipen ETH first..
I’m not sure, but they’re offering to pay good money!
What do you think? Who will flippen ETH first?

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一些EOS鲸鱼找过我,他们想让我去阻止shilling Tron和shill EOS。我告诉他们贾斯汀森特隆是个英雄,但他们说EOS会先把ETH翻过来。。

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RT: Check out the latest #TRON #Dapp Weekly Report👇🏻 https://twitter.com/Tronfounda...


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RT: Go ahead, grab a cold one! The holidays are about warming up with friends and family. We recently held a happy hour in San Francisco to share our progress in 2019 and the holiday cheer was obvious. What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
#TRON #TRX https://t.co/ajFN1LZtOs

#TRON#TRX https://t.co/ajFN1LZtOs

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#USDT is the USD-pegged stable coin issued by @Tether_to on the #TRON network. #TRC20 based #USDT enables interoperability with TRON-based protocols and #Dapps while allowing users to transact and exchange fiat pegged currencies across the TRON network. https://t.co/GuUMvsa2i4


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RT: MATH Swap has supported swap between USDT-TRX, try it now in MATH Cloud Wallet https://cloud.mathwallet.org/ or MathWallet App https://mathwallet.org/ @justinsuntron @Tronfoundation https://t.co/st5pAkNrjR

RT:数学交换支持了UDD-Trx之间的交换,现在在数学云钱包HTTPS://Cyr.MthWaleT.Org/或MthS钱包应用程序HTTPS://MthWaleT.Org/@ JaveSununTrun-Tron基金会HTTPSK//T.CO/ST5PAKNRJR中试用它。

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According to @dapp_review, the number of #TRON #Dapps reached 657 with 9 new ones added. Average active users remained stable while trading volume grew by 23%. TRON's Dapp ecosystem is growing fast, we welcome more developers & users to join us.


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RT: To celebrate 2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣, a year of incredible growth and success, our CEO @justinsuntron will host a #BTT AMA with our Product Head, Justin Knoll and our Engineering Head, CONG LI to answer any questions from the community. $BTT
⏰Jan 2nd, 2020 6PM (PST)
📮http://t.me/BTTBitTorrent https://t.co/qOmI0pgWIM

RT:为了庆祝2⃣0⃣1⃣9⃣,这是一个令人难以置信的增长和成功之年,我们的[email protected]将与我们的产品负责人Justin Knoll和工程负责人CONG LI主持一个BTT AMA,回答来自社区的任何问题。BTT美元
📮http://t.me/BTTBitTorrent https://t.co/qOmI0pgWIM

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RT: The #TRON core devs meeting, a technical meeting intended to bring together all #TRON developers who play major roles in determining the direction of #TRON protocol, will be held on YouTube.#TRON tech team will livestream at 7:00 AM, Wed 15 Jan 2020 UTC.


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RT: Pool-X will soon open the function of staking! #proofofstake
Which projects do you want to stake on Pool-X?
⬇️Click to vote!
🗳️https://forms.gle/1DwHiVEd4xmv... https://t.co/86DWG28mcA


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According to @dapp_review, the total number of #TRON #Dapps active users in the past 7 days reached 157,328, which is much higher than that of #ETH and #EOS. We welcome more developers & users to join TRON ecosystem! #TRX $TRX https://t.co/qgDOcvT4qV

据@dappŠu review统计,过去7天内活跃用户总数达到157328人,远高于ETH和EOS。我们欢迎更多的开发者和用户加入天龙生态系统!#TRX$TRX https://t.co/qgDOcvT4qV

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RT: 🎄 #MXC Santa has prepared some good news for users
♟In order to satisfy the trading demand of various users, MXC has added the following leveraged ETF products
👉🏻 Welcome to trade at http://www.mxc.com/ https://t.co/G0rhrgeY8p


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#USDT-#TRON is now supported by @NewdexOfficial. https://twitter.com/TRON_IRN/s...

ا #USDT-#TRON اکنون توسط
پشتیبانی می شود! "


#ترون #ارزـمجازی #رمزارز #بلاکچین #فارسی #ارزدیجیتالی

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