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#OKExHumpDay: #BeaMillionaireDay💸
‘If you’re not a millionaire in 10 years ‘it’s your own fault,’ says 20-year-old #bitcoin tycoon @erikfinman
💬Thoughts? What’s your #crypto success story?
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@OKExHumpDay: #BeaMillionaireDay💸
‘If you’re not a millionaire in 10 years ‘it’s your own fault,’ says 20-year-old #bitcoin tycoon @erikfinman
💬Thoughts? What’s your #crypto success story?
💙Like, Follow us+@OKExinsights to get trading tips💡to win 🎁
#specialday https://t.co/4p7NXTroPd


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🔴 LIVE: #OKExJumpstart🚀 #OKBelievers session for @ndnlink $NDN token sale is now LIVE! Start subscribing ▶️ https://bit.ly/OKExJumpstart
#OKTraders session will be up in an hour, at 05:00 (UTC). https://t.co/HuEz4b89ci

🔴 现场:OKExJumpstart🚀 #@ndnlink$NDN代币销售的OkConsisters会话现在已开始!开始订阅▶️ https://bit.ly/OKExJumpstart网站

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RT: 1st difficulty adjustment after #bitcoinhalving - 6% dropped, hashrate below 100 EH/s📉
The flood season will benefit Chinese miners for cheaper electricity fees, and hence mining costs. Maybe more big players join Bitmain & F2pool in the game, like local gov in China🔮 https://twitter.com/CoinDesk/s... https://t.co/OPHCZGuckT

RT:比特币减半后的第一个难度调整-下降6%,哈希率低于100 EH/s📉
洪水季节将使中国矿工受益,因为他们的电费更低,因此采矿成本也更低。或许更多的大玩家会加入Bitmain&F2pool,比如中国的地方政府🔮 https://twitter.com/CoinDesk/s。。。https://t.co/OPHCZGuckT网站

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⏰ COUNTDOWN: @ndnlink $NDN token sale will be live in 45 MINS! Make sure you're ready for this #OKExJumpstart🚀 project!
Exchange rate: 1 NDN=0.001154 OKB (OKB=$5.2, NDN=$0.006)
#OKBelievers: 04:00 (UTC)
#OKTraders: 05:00 (UTC)
Details: https://loom.ly/wnm0DSg https://t.co/qVIFegrTIs

⏰ 倒计时:@ndnlink$NDN代币发售将在45分钟内直播!确保你准备好了🚀 项目!
汇率:1 NDN=0.001154 OKB(OKB=5.2美元,NDN=0.006美元)

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RT: #Crypto Market Daily: CME BTC futures open interest continues to push to new highs as the price of #Bitcoin holds above $9,500👇🏻
https://bit.ly/2Xfu66a https://t.co/tOgFRCgpt7

转发:《加密市场日报》:随着比特币价格保持在9500美元以上,CME BTC期货未平仓利率继续推高至新高👇🏻

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OKEx #TechnicalTuesday 📈:
1️⃣ #Bitcoin short-term consolidations; long-term 🐂
2️⃣ Sentiment primarily +ive
3️⃣ Major #Altcoin testing key resistance
Detailed analysis ⬇️

1个️⃣ #比特币短期整合;长期整合🐂
2个️⃣ 情感为主+ive
三️⃣ 主要#Altcoin测试钥匙阻力

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#OKExAcademy📚: It’s OK to be different - #Crypto in Mexico 🇲🇽
Latin America has the most crypto users in the world - with Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico & Chile amongst Top 10.
Learn more as @mrcoinmx shares with us about crypto in Mexico 👇 https://bit.ly/3g0oB3X

通过@mrcoinmx与我们分享墨西哥的加密技术,了解更多信息👇 https://bit.ly/3g0oB3X

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FEATURED: #OKExElite Trading Contest is back @OKEx! Thanks @newsbtc for covering the exciting contest on ALL trading markets & the 150,000 USDT prize pool 🏆
Team Leaders Recruitment on-going, join NOW!


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@DekartX @avi_rosten @CryptoCompare Yes, crypto & precious metals are very different. To what extent crypto can function as a protective asset has no definite answer yet, but BTC seems promising 😉 (it outperformed both gold & stocks so far this month 👀).

@DekartX@avi_rosten@CryptoCompare是的,crypto和贵金属非常不同。密码在多大程度上可以作为一种保护性资产还没有明确的答案,但BTC似乎很有希望😉 (本月迄今,该股表现均优于黄金和股票)👀).

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RT: My friend texted me about #crypto P2P Loan.
💁🏼‍♂️: How is #OKExC2CLOAN different from others?
👩🏻‍🏫: A pre-warning message will be sent to you, in case the crashing collateral price violates a pre-determined point.
💁🏼‍♂️: Err...
👩🏻‍💻: VISIT HERE - https://bit.ly/3dZxoBy
#TrueStory #Defi https://t.co/3RBlzlso1G


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#OKExPool: We've just launched #staking service for $TRUE, up to 6.89% estimated annualized yield. Stake $TRUE @OKEx now to share a limited-time 30,000 TRUE Bonus 🎁 @truechaingroup
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#OKExPool:我们刚刚推出了$TRUE的下注服务,最多6.89%估计年化收益率。现在就在OKEx上投资$TRUE,分享有限时间的30000真奖金🎁 @真链群

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#OKExJumpstart🚀: 1-DAY left until the launch of our next token sale with $NDN @ndnlink, a decentralized data transmission network for the next-gen internet 🌐
Learn more about the project: https://bit.ly/2WJM41I https://t.co/7OWMCXPfe9

了解项目的更多信息:https://bit.ly/2WJM41I https://t.co/7OWMCXPfe9

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ANNOUNCEMENT: We'll now support #JUST @DeFi_JUST
airdrop for #TRX holders. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2ZihnCj https://twitter.com/DeFi_JUST/...

🗣️Good news👀
Pleased to announce that @OKEx will be supporting #JUST airdrop for #TRX holders!👏
We have more great news coming up, stay tuned!📺 https://t.co/BF8kwM9bIK

发表时间:2周前 作者:JUST @DeFi_JUST

为TRX持有人提供空投服务。了解更多:https://bit.ly/2ZihnCj https://twitter.com/DeFi\u JUST/。。。

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RT: #InDepth: While #Bitcoin’s price is always under the spotlight, we take a break to look at some of the network's underlying fundamentals and how they’ve grown between the last two halvings👇🏻


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#MondayMotivation: The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
Start your crypto journey with @OKEx: http://okex.com/buy-crypto https://t.co/SBtPhpVyRk

使用@OKEx开始您的加密之旅:http://www.google.com/sea….tin round+rock+texas网站http://t.co公司

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RT: #Crypto Market Daily: The effects of #Bitcoin's third block reward halving on BTC miners are starting to be felt — and speculators are trading with lower leverage👇🏻
https://bit.ly/367eEgH https://t.co/QndHzppP4R

https://bit.ly/367eEgH https://t.co/QndHzppP4R

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#MarketNews: Fed has bought approximately $2.8 trillion in assets over the past 2.5 months.
Is it the optimum time for #Bitcoin to prove its value as an asset as @avi_rosten @cryptocompare suggested? Thoughts 💬?

In an effort to keep the public’s money and trust in mutual funds, inflation may hit assets and the crypto market too https://cointelegraph.com/news...

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🏆 #TradeWithOKEx Video Contest - VOTE FOR YOUR 🥇
Thank you for ALL the awesome 🎞️ entries! Now is the time to vote for your favorite video to collect a little bonus from us 🗳️🎁
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🏆 #TradeWithOKEx视频比赛-投票给您的🥇

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