RT: @Johnny_Banco @ITC_SPY @SwipeWright Bigots exist and the sky is blue (usually, except when it's gray. YMMV). What's your point? Why get folks so worked up about it? Getting worked up about it is the source of cancel culture. Without these idiotic, irrational emotional reactions cancel culture would die.

转发:@Johnny\u [email protected]\u [email protected] Bigots存在,天空是蓝色的(通常,灰色除外)。YMMV)。你的意思是什么?为什么大家都这么激动呢?为此而激动是文化的源泉。如果没有这些愚蠢的、非理性的情绪反应,文化就会消亡。

发表时间:1年前 作者:Nick Szabo 🔑 @NickSzabo4