The Blockchain Gaming Alliance sees new sponsors including Ubisoft and MakerDAO https://cointelegraph.com/news...

区块链游戏联盟(Blockchain Gaming Alliance)看到了包括Ubisoft和MakerDAO在内的新赞助商https://cointelegraph.com/news。。。

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RT: @jeroz6 @Ravencoin Much appreciated! A concise guide- straight to the point. With the info, mining on $RVN #testnet is a breeze.
Also, cool to use it as a chance to spotlight $RVN #devs. You guys are whooping ass! Some cool projects in the making.


发表时间:5小时前 作者:Project Raven / RVN / Ravencoin @Ravencoin

RT: 🛠️ We're partnering with #HackQuarantine and offering prizes to participants building decentralized, COVID-19 focused hacks using @blockstack.
Register and start hacking for a chance to win swag and AirPods: https://hackquarantine.devpost...


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Due to popular demand, we want to dedicate this week to $PAXG. Today we’re focusing on security! PAXG is the ONLY @NYDFS approved and regulated #gold token. With every PAXG you own, you have the ownership of the physical gold backing it, regardless of what happens in the market. https://t.co/xyFiPM8oLY


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Check out the latest video made by @ElmoSantorini on how to create a custom Wallet theme! Please share your creations with the rest of the #Nexus #Community #Bitcoin
@cryptocurrency $NXS
give 3 5 $nxs


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@TechCrunch @CNN @CNNBusiness @Gizmodo @TheVerge @boredpanda @futurism @engadget @businessinsider @eurogamer @FastCompany @IntEngineering @InvenGlobal @techthelead @TheDrum @TheWeek @mashable @EDTimesOfficial @techdirt @CoinDesk @Cointelegraph @TheBlock__ @La__Cuen @ChengYilun


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RT: こちらは、NIS1 の将来戦略に関する推奨事項(英語)になります。
#Symbol #nem

RT:这是关于NIS 1将来战略的推荐事项(英语)。

发表时间:5小时前 作者:NEM @NEMofficial

RT: 📢 Hi community. Migration committee just put a NISI proposal up on the forums to explore what might happen post Symbol launch. Please read and provide feedback in the NEM Forums. 👍🏻

室温:📢 嗨,社区。移民委员会刚刚在论坛上提出了一项NISI提案,以探讨在符号发布后可能发生的情况。请在NEM论坛上阅读并提供反馈。👍🏻

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Are you working from home this week?
We’ve been working remotely for nearly two years.
Discover the benefits in our latest blog.👇https://medium.com/energi/work...


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RT: These are my results on @Presearchnews after 2 weeks of staking. The views and clicks are free in 2020 by the way 👀💲 https://t.co/euycDZTkmG

转发:这是我在两周的赌注后对“preearchNews”的结果。顺便说一句,2020年的浏览量和点击量是免费的👀💲 https://t.co/euycDZTkmG

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RT: 📢 Check out the latest update from @NEMofficial. https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-fou... https://t.co/OBDtgmZmES

室温:128226个;查看JPG的最新更新。https://forum.nem.io/t/nem fou。。。http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

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The public testing campaign on the HackerOne platform begins this week. Help test the Symbol network by finding bugs and get compensated for your work! For those interested in participating, please sign up at https://hackerone.com/. https://t.co/f6AJjAYja4


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$BTG adoption is quickly growing! Cryptwerk helps you find merchants, shops & services accepting #BitcoinGold worldwide.
Check it out -> https://cryptwerk.com/pay-with...
#blockchain #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #fintech #technology https://t.co/4V5IF0yLXm

查看->;https://cryptwerk.com/pay with。。。

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@OneAxelrod @coinkit_ Congratulations Mike - you are our random winner @coinkit_
tip 50 NXS

尖端50 NXS

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We’ve hosted thousands of community members at our events. Find out why more people are looking at crypto now. https://twitter.com/blockchain...

It's been a busy month in the crypto markets. Join @GarrickHileman our Head of Research and Co-Founder @niccary this Thursday at 4:30PM for our Monthly Crypto Market Recap 📈#bitcoin #getcrypto https://bit.ly/2URBun4

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这是加密市场上忙碌的一个月。本周四下午4:30,加入我们的研究主管和共同创始人@niccary@GarrickHileman,参与我们每月的加密市场回顾📈#比特币getcrypto https://bit.ly/2URBun4

发表时间:6小时前 作者:Nicolas Cary @niccary

OKCoin has secured a crypto exchange license to operate in Japan https://cointelegraph.com/news...


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"The firm intends to expand its total available power capacity globally to approximately 50MW, whose mining activities in Europe are focused on the Ethereum network, while Bitcoin miners will be supported in Quebec’s facility." Reports Cointelegraph's @conexiondigicol


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RT: Symbol from #NEM facilitates interoperability between the public and private #blockchain. Good that a private ecosystem can be sustained while at the same time be public when required selective.
.@NEMofficial #followME ..


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Sia is proud to support 'The Uncensored Library' by @RSF_inter. This library filled with books that were censored is now available again for people around the world
Library #minecraft map is now hosted on Skynet and available for download https://uncensoredlibrary.com/...
#TruthFindsAWay https://twitter.com/BlockWorks... https://t.co/wZ6rAX70xT

We're proud to launch one of our most challenging projects to date: The Uncensored Library. We've built a virtual library in #Minecraft which bypasses press censorship in oppressive regimes.
Find out more at: https://uncensoredlibrary.com/ https://t.co/TA5hzXB3A7

发表时间:2周前 作者:blockworks @BlockWorksYT

新航很自豪地支持@RSFúu inter的“未经审查的图书馆”。这个图书馆里满是经过审查的书,现在全世界的人都可以使用了
库35; minecraft地图现在托管在Skynet上,可下载https://unsensoredlibrary.com/。。。
#TruthFindsAWay https://twitter.com/BlockWorks。。。https://t.co/wZ6rAX70xT

https://youtu.be//u 7j-Ynup6BM网站

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RT: Register today for @ELEV8con's next Webinar series featuring our CEO, @davidwachsman, @CelsiusNetwork's CEO @Mashinsky and @therealblockfi's CEO @BlockFiZac! On April 2, they will be discussing how digital assets will change capital markets. Sign up here! https://lnkd.in/eefWHhd https://t.co/Ybs1djKMGN

RT:今天注册@ELEV8con的下一个网络研讨会系列,我们的CEO,@davidwachsman,@CelsiusNetwork的CEO@Mashinsky和@therelblockfi的CEO@BlockFiZac!4月2日,他们将讨论数字资产将如何改变资本市场。在这里注册!https://lnkd.in/eefWHhd https://t.co/Ybs1djKMGN

发表时间:6小时前 作者:Celsius Network @CelsiusNetwork