RT: 📺BRD Cast: Episode 6
Tech industry pioneer and free-thinker @brianjfox shares his personal background, journey and how it all leads to @OrchidProtocol. And yes, his grandfather was the artist of the Monopoly man.
Watch the full convo: https://youtu.be/Iej8p_pNs-M https://t.co/WMPleWNfJL

观看完整的车队:https://youtu.be/Iej8p_pNs-M https://t.co/WMPleWNfJL

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@Projectpick1 @travalacom @binance To man without a face, the tokens are still trading on other exchanges. Watch how the price play out in a month time, and let us know if you still think it was a bad idea. best of luck!


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RT: Drew Harding discusses @PillarWallet ! https://youtu.be/2oXz84WUuv0 via @YouTube

转发:Drew Harding在讨论PillarWallet!https://youtu.be/2oXz84WUuv0通过@YouTube

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@MacaesBruno @gladstein They actually go considerably further than I do on this!


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@MacaesBruno @gladstein There's different kinds of technology. You said above you're primarily bullish on AI. Glen/Jaron's article is arguably bearish on AI. https://t.co/wVbQo6XZnJ


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Welcome to cryptocurrency:
🌏 Anyone can participate
🎓 No formal education required
💡 New ideas are welcome
🚀 Endless opportunities


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RT: While the bears have defended the 20-day EMA aggressively, Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies might witness a minor correction in the next few days https://cointelegraph.com/news...


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The #belaruspremierleague plays Amid Covid Concerns.
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We are hiring!!
This is a hard time for everyone, but we are not gonna stop our steps to the dream and goals!
If you has passion towards #blockchain industry, and strong background in distributed systems, cryptography or system engineering, we need you!
#Jobs #Hiring https://t.co/YZvN1zGBGC

我们正在招聘!! __这对每个人来说都是艰难的时刻,但是我们不会停止朝着梦想和目标迈进的步伐。

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Some of the incriminating instagram photos https://t.co/qgoYgbmmF7


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@BinanceBCF received about $200,000 worth of donations in #crypto as of yesterday. Thank you for your support. Track your donations on the blockchain. Every Satoshi counts.❤️🔶 https://twitter.com/eljaboom/s...

Tbh I believe it’s our best time to show all the world, banks, governments
The power of #Bitcoin
We donate from all over the world and produce free masks that have #Btc sign
This will be a powerful lesson to all of them
This is Satoshi Vision

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@截至昨日,BinanceBCF收到了价值约20万美元的加密捐款。谢谢你的支持。在区块链上跟踪您的捐赠。每一个Satoshi都很重要。❤️🔶 https://twitter.com/eljaboom/s。。。

这是Satoshi Vision

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@ICOResearchGRP https://t.co/TfLucfhg3E

@Icomerearchgrp https://t.co/tfluchg3e

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RT: Today @binance
🔸#BinanceMiningPool 👀
🔸#Binance Futures Launches Affiliate Bonus Program
🔸How Has the Recent #COVID-19 Market Turmoil Impacted Cryptocurrencies? - @BinanceResearch
🔸What Is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)? -
#BUIDL https://t.co/yM0yuJulze

🔸#Binance Futures推出会员奖励计划

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The #belaruspremierleague plays Amid Covid Concerns.
If their playing - Wagerr will make a market! Introducing The Vysheyshaya Liga: the top division of professional football in Belarus.
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Some of the incriminating instagram photos 😯 https://t.co/CPeWBrGI8M

一些涉嫌犯罪的instagram照片😯 https://t.co/CPeWBrGI8M网站

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Show some love ❤️ for the newest additions to team Celsius! 🥳


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@chengdoo You really think everyone talking about public goods is doing so because they have an anti-freedom agenda?
I mean, sure, you can have that model of the world, but I don't think it's a very correct or useful one.


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$Crypto ATM network @Bitcoin_Depot powers down machines in high-traffic zones for #coronavirus social distancing, @benjaminpirus reports https://cointelegraph.com/news...

$Crypto ATM network@Bitcoin廑u Depot关闭高流量区域的机器,进行冠状病毒社交距离,@benjaminpirus报告https://cointelegraph.com/news。。。

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Big thank you to @hashoshi4 for his interview with
@colinjcantrell. Watch it here https://youtube.com/watch?v=aM... #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #Nexus @coinkit_ give 6 5 $nxs

@科林坎特雷尔。在这里观看https://youtube.com/Watch?v=上午。。。#比特币加密货币Nexus@coinkit给6 5美元

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