#MatchX pro tip: Customer Care is available 7 days a week!
🙋 General inquiries: [email protected]
🎁 Order inquiries: [email protected]
🔧 Support: [email protected]
💬 Live Chat: https://matchx.io/ https://t.co/DfvWfOnrx3

#MatchX pro tip: Customer Care is available 7 days a week!
🙋 General inquiries: [email protected]
🎁 Order inquiries: [email protected]
🔧 Support: [email protected]
💬 Live Chat: https://matchx.io/ https://t.co/DfvWfOnrx3

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Keet solves this! Developed by Holepunch, backed by Bitfinex and Tether: true peer-to-peer messaging app for text and video.

基特解决了这个问题!由 Holepunch 开发,由 Bitfinex 和 Tether 提供支持:真正的文本和视频点对点消息传递应用程序。

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🎃 #Halloween is almost here!
To celebrate the spooky season, we're giving away a special & limited edition WAX Toon #NFT! This is your only chance to add the collectible to your inventory.
Join here: https://bblk.io/nL8i.


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Already tried Chiliz𝐗, our revamped Chiliz Exchange? ✨👀
Be sure to follow @ChilizX so you don’t miss any upcoming Fan Token listings, giveaways, feature updates, and other exchange-related news! 😀
⚡ $CHZ

已经尝试过 Chiliz𝐗,我们改进后的 Chiliz Exchange? ✨👀
请务必关注@ChilizX,这样您就不会错过任何即将推出的粉丝令牌列表、赠品、功能更新和其他与交易所相关的新闻! 😀
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Utility isn’t so blood-curdling after all.
In this round of #CryptoCreepers, we look at how crypto projects may offer real world value through utility.


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RT: 🧿🧿You don’t need to guess why to use $DGB on #WooCommerce
Just learn the benefits of #DigiByte as a payment option for online stores in this article🔽
@DigiByteCoin #DGB #DigiByteCoin #eCommerce @DGBAT_Official

RT:🧿🧿你不需要猜测为什么要使用 $DGB

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We're excited to announce that @CasinoCoin has partnered with @XRPJunkies to bring casino games to the Junkiverse!
Check it out in our blog and media below! 👇
$CSC $JUNK $XRP #XRPL #CSC #crypto #metaverse #gaming https://t.co/a19egCynfl

我们很高兴地宣布@CasinoCoin 已与@XRPJunkies 合作,将赌场游戏带入 Junkiverse!
在下面的博客和媒体中查看! 👇
$CSC $垃圾 $XRP

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RT: We are celebrating a full year on @CeloOrg, and what better way to celebrate than with a hodl pool!?
Introducing the CELOVERSARY pool!
Deposit 50 $CELO and leave it for a full year!
Up to $4,000 cUSD Sponsorship 💚
Opens tomorrow 2pm UTC
Read more: https://bit.ly/3DyTPgq https://t.co/wH2UxbghtS

RT:我们正在 @CeloOrg 上庆祝一整年,还有什么比使用 hodl 池更好的庆祝方式!?
存入 50 $CELO 并保留一整年!
高达 4,000 美元 cUSD 赞助💚
世界标准时间明天下午 2 点开放
阅读更多:https://bit.ly/3DyTPgq https://t.co/wH2UxbghtS

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RT: 🌈 gm gm @developer_dao frens 🌈
learn and dive right into the smart contracts that enable micropayment txs to happen on #Ethereum using the #DataUnions SCs & SDK
our very own DevRel @nicoburkart will present the in the DevDAO Discord 🔥 @devntellxyz
Buidl case eg @swashapp https://t.co/varF90w0Kv

RT:🌈 gm gm @developer_dao frens 🌈

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Looking forward to @rodcostas of @bitrefill speaking at the Adopting Bitcoin conference!
Great minds are coming together at El Salvador 🇸🇻

⚡Announcing @rodcostas of @bitrefill as a speaker at this year's Adopting Bitcoin conference in El Salvador🇸🇻!
Improving financial access bit by bit >> https://adoptingbitcoin.org/20... https://t.co/NnnSroLJ9Q

发表时间:1个月前 作者:Adopting Bitcoin @AdoptingBTC

期待@bitrefill 的@rodcostas 在采用比特币会议上发言!

⚡宣布@bitrefill 的@rodcostas 作为今年在萨尔瓦多举行的采用比特币会议的发言人🇸🇻!

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RT: Want to learn more about the EVM?
We've lined up some amazing guests @FantomFDN @gnosischain @CallistoSupport and @kucoincom to come on our EVM space this Friday!
Set your reminders 👊👊👇👇

RT:想了解更多关于 EVM 的信息吗?
我们已经安排了一些了不起的客人 @FantomFDN @gnosischain @CallistoSupport 和 @kucoincom 在本周五来到我们的 EVM 空间!

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RT: Full nodes are available to #developers building on @FantomFDN!
Let us take care of the node while you focus on building and interacting with data on #Fantom.
👉 Try our FREE plan: https://access.rockx.com/produ... https://t.co/7X09fHNSdl


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Read more about our collaboration 🤝 with the awesome @redstone_defi! 👇 #Oracles #Web3
https://blog.redstone.finance/... https://t.co/XktoQFFhM0

阅读更多关于我们与出色的@redstone_defi 合作的信息🤝! 👇

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New look, new updates -- congrats @identity 🎉
https://www.identity.com/the-y... https://twitter.com/identity/s...

We’re happy to announce our new website design today! Keep an eye out for all the new features and faces we’ve added to identity.👀✨

发表时间:1个月前 作者:Identity.com 🔜 BreakPoint🇵🇹 @identity

新外观,新更新——恭喜@identity 🎉
https://www.identity.com/the-y... https://twitter.com/identity/s...


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Thank you @TheChartArtist for joining the show this week! And thank you everyone for tuning in as well!
Market Talks will be back next Thursday at 12PM EST.

感谢@TheChartArtist 参加本周的节目!也感谢大家的收看!
Market Talks 将于美国东部标准时间下周四中午 12 点回归。

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"We are at a level where we are at resistance. Be part of the resistance when we're there, and be part of the support when we're at support." [email protected]

“我们处于阻力位。当我们在那里时成为阻力位的一部分,当我们处于支撑位时成为支撑位的一部分。” [email protected]

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To get your FREE, VeBounce digital collectible & #blockchain lottery ticket:

Make an account on the World of V Platform.

Answer 80%+ of the following quiz: https://c487rebtae0.typeform.c...

And that's it!

Now you can view your digital collectible on the World of V platform! $VET

获得免费的 VeBounce 数字收藏品

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