@nixops @notsofast @notgrubles They lost when Tenebrix launched quite frankly.


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Check out this overview of our @CockroachDB migration for better #scalability from members of our #DevOps and #development team. https://storj.io/blog/2020/08/...


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RT: Today on the #LiteningSeries livestream, we announced the Litecoin Card collaboration with @terniotoken.
Store your litecoin on this card and convert to Fiat once you make a purchase.
Register at https://litecoin-card.com/
The card will be released soon!
#litecoin #litecoincard https://t.co/nNKZrv2Ga5

RT:今天在#LitenningSeries livestream上,我们宣布了与@terniotoken的Litecoin卡合作。

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Multnomah DA basically says the police are fucking out of control and protesting this fact isn’t a crime https://twitter.com/mrolmos/st...

Multnomah DA Mike Schmidt on crimes that presumptively fall under this category:
-interfering with a police officer
-disorderly conduct
-criminal trespass
-escape in the 3rd degree
-riot (somtimes in some circumstances) https://t.co/kzzP22fsiu

发表时间:2小时前 作者:Sergio Olmos @MrOlmos

Multnomah DA基本上说警察他妈的失控了,抗议这个事实不是犯罪https://twitter.com/mrolmos/st。。。

Multnomah DA Mike Schmidt关于假定属于这一类的犯罪:

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@Marco_Piani How do you get their chart to show the unselected countries? Couldn't find that feature.


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RT: #bitcoin is over 12k so it's giveaway time!
I will be giving away 10 x 200 $game
☑️Follow me and @gamecredits on Twitter
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Ends: 24.08.2020
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Good luck cryptofam!

我将赠送10 x 200美元的游戏

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RT: INB4 governments and central banks start having Bitcoin allocations https://twitter.com/Everipedia...


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@OKCoin @CeloOrg @Bitwage @bloomxorg @CoinPaymentsNET @Frontierwallet @klaytn_official @PayMuggle @PersistenceOne @Spe_Ug @sendwyre 👀 https://t.co/CHPVuaazcN

@OKCoin@CeloOrg@bitgaway@bloomxorg@CoinPaymentsNET@Frontierwallet@klaytn_官方@paymugle@PersistenceOne@Spe\Ug@sendwyre👀 https://t.co/CHPVuaazcN

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#Sologenic is on #XRPL for these reasons:
⚫Censorship-resistant transaction processing
⚫Fast & efficient consensus algorithm
⚫Responsible software governance
⚫Secure, adaptable cryptography
⚫Modern features for smart contracts
⚫On-Ledger decentralized exchange
#GoSOLO https://t.co/PBWcMTXfG7


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Make your goals happen this summer with a 2% rate reduction on your crypto-backed loan! Use the code GOALS2020 to apply here: https://saltlending.com/get-a-...
See website for terms. https://t.co/qZPF3CIxQ6


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@zorinaq Would be interesting to regress this against economic indicators and then try to assign a cost to different policy trajectories.


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@OKCoin @Bitwage @bloomxorg @CoinPaymentsNET @Frontierwallet @klaytn_official @PayMuggle @PersistenceOne @Spe_Ug @UTRUST @sendwyre 🤣


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RT: Bitcoin Transaction Fees Soar 550% in a Month, BCH, Dash Transactions Much Cheaper https://ift.tt/3is1m33 https://t.co/v9swolCObu


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RT: "With Clarity, the goal - to make developers feel confident and safe, as well as protect users. The logical solution was to anchor to the most secure foundation available today: #Bitcoin" @blockstack
Read more about the new Clarity #smartcontract language https://dappradar.com/blog/def...


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RT: #celotechtalks is on this Friday at 6 PM CET/9 AM PDT. Curious about what life looks like at cLabs as an intern? Join us as Jason Rudianto, Protocol Economics Intern at cLabs shares about his summer internship. @CeloOrg #Celo #inte…https://lnkd.in/dBr8Js5 https://lnkd.in/dG766wN


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RT: @CryptoMichNL Yup @wanchain_org is ready for the spotlights!
People now start realising that millions and millions of $wan are needed to fuel their Storemannodes 🚀
Those will bring $btc in a decentralized way to the $eth blockchain for pure Cross-chain #DeFI
#BuckleUp & #GetReady 😎

转发:@CryptoMichNL Yup@wanchain\u org已经准备好了!

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Know someone who speaks German and hasn't been thrown into the #bitcoin deep end yet? Dive on in to #TIOMv1 and #TIOMv2 for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! https://aantonop.io/dasgeldesd... https://t.co/wgxu1Ojvx4

认识一个会说德语但还没有被投入比特币深渊的人吗?在Kindle Unlimited上免费进入#TIOMv1和#TIOMv2!https://aantonop.io/dasgeldesd。。。https://t.co/wgxu1Ojvx4

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Our mission is to automate and simplify tokenization of securities using #blockchain technology and our latest version of Token Studio showcases exactly what this means.
Read about the three main benefits of using the new Token Studio on Polymesh.

我们的任务是使用区块链技术自动化和简化证券的标记化,我们最新版本的Token Studio正好展示了这一点的含义。

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A new decentralized exchange promises to fix two of the biggest issues with DEXs in one fell swoop, @shvandrew reports https://cointelegraph.com/news...


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