If passed, HIP 51 would be the blueprint for decentralizing & incentivizing the rapid deployment of all networks in 2 major ways:
1. Use $HNT & Data Credits as the economic engine for all network protocols
2. Allow for each network to have its own token, economics, & governance

如果获得通过,HIP 51将是分权的蓝图;通过两种主要方式激励所有网络的快速部署:

发表时间:4小时前 作者:Helium @helium 详情

@helium has reached a global scale in record time thanks to the community, and HIP 51 would be the next big chapter for the ecosystem. We encourage everyone to have a say and vote on HIP 51 by June 7th: https://heliumvote.com/

@多亏了这个社区,氦在创纪录的时间内达到了全球规模,HIP 51将是生态系统的下一个重要篇章。我们鼓励每个人在6月7日之前对HIP 51有发言权和投票权:https://heliumvote.com/

发表时间:4小时前 作者:Helium @helium 详情

Today the community launched a HIP 51 vote, which introduces a framework to unlock massive utility on @helium by enabling *any* network to join the ecosystem alongside #IoT, such as 5G, WiFi, & VPN.
Learn about HIP 51's network of networks by @amirhaleem: https://bit.ly/3t11KNZ https://t.co/YSHHBNdl2N

今天,社区发起了HIP 51投票,该投票引入了一个框架,通过使*任何*网络与物联网(如5G、WiFi和;VPN。
通过@amirhaleem了解HIP 51的网络:https://bit.ly/3t11KNZ https://t.co/YSHHBNdl2N

发表时间:4小时前 作者:Helium @helium 详情

@K10Crypto @NFT_NYC https://t.co/gmlw0QBM4U


发表时间:4小时前 作者:WAX.io @WAX_io 详情

We celebrate new Governance participants.
From any perspective.
Decentralized Governance is the way. https://twitter.com/mhonkasalo...

The right growth strategy for @MakerDAO from here & $DAI becomes the liquidity backbone of the entire DeFi ecosystem.
Will be active in governance to help make that happen.

发表时间:8小时前 作者:mhonkasalo @mhonkasalo



发表时间:4小时前 作者:Maker @MakerDAO 详情

@Darrenlautf we're aiming a bit between NFT NYC and ETH NY, but feel free to add this to any lists you curate.
Closing early reservations on June 1!

https://snxdao.typeform.com/sn... https://t.co/lfXneZxV3p

发表时间:1周前 作者:Synthetix ⚔️ (✨🔴_🔴✨) @synthetix_io

@Darrenlautf我们的目标在NFT NYC和ETH NY之间,但请将此添加到您策划的任何列表中。


发表时间:4小时前 作者:Synthetix @synthetix_io 详情

@LisanKol @JamisonHoeve 😎


发表时间:4小时前 作者:Crypto.com @cryptocom 详情

@deanoasp @JamisonHoeve 🙌


发表时间:4小时前 作者:Crypto.com @cryptocom 详情

@JamisonHoeve 💪


发表时间:4小时前 作者:Crypto.com @cryptocom 详情

RT: ☠️ NOW LIVE, the legendary @cypresshill and @tillavision have joined forces for an #NFT drop centered on the song “Certified” from their new album “Back in Black” — so we spoke with @ericbobo about the project! 💀
Blog 👇 Drop 👉 https://crypto.com/nft/drops-e... https://medium.com/cryptocomnf...

转发:☠️ 现在直播,传奇人物@cypresshill和@tillavision联手推出了一首以他们新专辑《Back in Black》中的歌曲“Certified”为中心的#NFT drop,因此我们与@ericbobo讨论了该项目!💀
博客👇 滴👉 https://crypto.com/nft/drops-e... https://medium.com/cryptocomnf...

发表时间:4小时前 作者:Crypto.com @cryptocom 详情

RT: #LPS22 ✅
The European Space Agency knows how to host a conference. Got insight into the data challenges of those working hard to make the world a better place.
Our work was met with much enthusiasm - great to see. Exciting times @Fetch_ai.
On to Hannover Messe next week! https://t.co/qNLGpMIMo8

我们的工作受到了极大的热情——真是太好了。激动人心的时刻@Fetch\u ai。

发表时间:4小时前 作者:Fetch.ai @Fetch_ai 详情

@MadPsychoDotCom A great feeling!


发表时间:4小时前 作者:DASH @Dashpay 详情

@llllvvuu @whit3d0t I mean more the records that together make up often quite a bit more than 32 bytes, so in principle they could be replaced by a hash

@[email protected]我指的是更多的记录,这些记录一起组成的字节通常比32字节多一点,所以原则上它们可以用散列代替

发表时间:4小时前 作者:Vitalik Non-giver of Ether @VitalikButerin 详情

The tables have turned!
The Solana community came together to “scam” a scammer in order to get back stolen NFTs.
(Reporting via @_prashantjha) https://buff.ly/3lP33vl


发表时间:4小时前 作者:Cointelegraph @Cointelegraph 详情

This week's issue of "The Baking Sheet" from @TezosCommons highlights @Tezos' @ArtBasel Hong Kong installation alongside @TzApac and @fx_hash_, registration for TezDev Paris 2022, @redbullracing's #MonacoGP #CleanNFT auction, @TezosJaponica's #NFT event, #Tezos meetups, and more! https://twitter.com/TezosCommo...

🔥 Hot out of the Oven: 'The Baking Sheet' - Issue #101
This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem 🧵

发表时间:7小时前 作者:Tezos Commons @TezosCommons

本周发行的@TezosCommons《烘焙单》重点介绍了@Tezos在香港巴塞尔艺术中心的安装,以及@TzApac和@fx\u hash\u、TezDev Paris 2022注册、redbullracing的#MonacoGP#CleanNFT拍卖、TezosJaponica的#NFT活动、Tezos meetups等等!https://twitter.com/TezosCommo...

🔥 烤箱热:“烤盘”-第101期

发表时间:4小时前 作者:Tezos @tezos 详情

@JUSTONEPOST2 So... if we don't pay you, you'll post FUD? Got it.


发表时间:4小时前 作者:XYO Foundation @OfficialXYO 详情

@TabithaOnumah @Crypto4me2 Thanks for the support @TabithaOnumah !
Thanks for the support and stay tuned on our Discord also - great things to come !

@[email protected]感谢您对TabithaOnumah的支持!

发表时间:4小时前 作者:æternity blockchain @aeternity 详情

RT: LIVE at the first #Tezos Vancouver meetup -- the community is coming together and looking great! https://t.co/CneHeGf0RY

RT:参加第一届#Tezos Vancouver meetup——社区正在团结起来,看起来很棒!https://t.co/CneHeGf0RY

发表时间:5小时前 作者:Tezos @tezos 详情

We’re proud to be a 5 Block sponsor & Main Stage sponsor at #Consensus2022. Here’s where you can find us if you’re headed to Austin...👇 https://resources.stellar.org/...

我们很自豪能成为5个街区的赞助商;2022年协商一致的主要阶段赞助商。如果你要去奥斯汀,你可以在这里找到我们。。。👇 https://resources.stellar.org/...

发表时间:5小时前 作者:Stellar @ Meridian @StellarOrg 详情

@FunkoPopHead @NFT_NYC The community is what makes WAX a success 🙏

@[email protected]\U NYC社区是WAX成功的原因🙏

发表时间:5小时前 作者:WAX.io @WAX_io 详情