BlockFi filed its own prospectus for a BTC Strategy ETF with the SEC on Oct. 8 https://cointelegraph.com/news...

BlockFi于10月8日向SEC提交了自己的BTC Strategy ETF招股说明书https://cointelegraph.com/news...

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The CFTC is investigating whether Polymarket allows its customers to trade binary options and swaps that should be registered with the financial regulator. https://buff.ly/3jB6FjX


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#Bitcoin > CBDC


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@0xngmi @DefiLlama So much alpha


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#TeamCelsius had a great time at @money2020 Las Vegas! Check out some of the photos below: https://t.co/wXQVYwJccq


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Thinking of creating your own #NFT?
With @CryptoThingsNFT it is much easier and cheaper💥
The first NFT platform built on #Obyte, with the purpose of solving common problems that authors and buyers encounter.
Check it out and discover how it works🚀
#DeFi #Crypto #DLT


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RT: My journey with #Zilliqa thus far:
Hodler ▶️ User ⏩ Power User
My time is getting more and more precious with so many tasks at hand:
✅ Staking
✅ LP / Farming / Swap
✅ Lending/Minting
✅ NFT marketplace
✅ Social tokens

霍德勒▶️ 使用者⏩ 超级用户
✅ 立桩
✅ LP/农业/交换
✅ 借贷/铸币
✅ NFT市场
✅ 社交代币

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Tell your non-believer friends: NFTs can be good for the planet.
Show them how nonfungible tokens raise awareness and funds while keeping the environment safe on this edition of Nifty News, by @TomFarren4.


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Over the weekend, we blasted past $750m in loans originated!
$1 billion in loans originated coming up next!!
This will be a huge milestone for the #TrueFi protocol, and uncollateralized lending in the #DeFi space! 🚀🚀🚀 https://t.co/zqiOa3JacL

这将是#TrueFi协议和#DeFi空间无抵押贷款的一个巨大里程碑!🚀🚀🚀 https://t.co/zqiOa3JacL

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There is new swag in our store! Check out the latest designs now. 👀


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@gaddamnr @Presidents_NFT Keep them in Crypterium from 1.11 to 30.11.2021.

@gaddamnr@Presidents\u NFT于2021年11月1日至11月30日将其保存在地下室。

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@cryptodailyuk @TheFCA Thanks for the support!


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@gaddamnr @Presidents_NFT Keep them in Crypterium from 1.11 to 30.11.2021.

@gaddamnr@Presidents\u NFT于2021年11月1日至11月30日将其保存在地下室。

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RT: Ghostly Greetings!👻

#Halloween2021 is almost here & our Monster Hunt Game is officially ON🔥

Each day we’ll hide boo-tiful #NFTs on our website. Every NFT will lead you to #crypto prizes – $SKY, $NEBL, $NULS, $SAND, $ALGO, $UFT, $DAG 🎃

Full rules➡️ https://bit.ly/2ZrJYaP https://t.co/UK7Axj1nMm


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RT: Check the fresh #art from @GAMEedy @SirCharlesMedia @Kommienezuspadt
#Fiat Sales --> https://nfts.yng-dna.com/#/sho...
Check this #FreshlyPressed @WAX_io on @AtomicHub: https://wax.atomichub.io/marke... https://t.co/5AxZXf3DaZ

在@AtomicHub上检查此#FreshlyPressed@WAX_io:https://wax.atomichub.io/marke... https://t.co/5AxZXf3DaZ

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😎 https://t.co/3wOaHB5TPM

😎 https://t.co/3wOaHB5TPM

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Is Russia still a wild west for crypto?
The head of Russian Association of Cryptoeconomics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain calls current regulations in the country “half-measures” and have nothing to do with systematic solutions. https://buff.ly/3jBdjqh


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RT: "Quiet" 👀 few days in crypto last week so a little late in my thanks to @CameronHerold for having me on the Second in Command podcast. Take a listen on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts, @jonathansfrakes approved. https://open.spotify.com/episo...

RT:“安静”👀 上周在crypto呆了几天,所以有点晚了,感谢@CameronHerold让我上了二把手播客。@jonathansfrakes表示,可以在Spotify上或任何你有播客的地方收听。https://open.spotify.com/episo...

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Thanks to all of Juan's awesome friends he was able to make it to The @krakenfx Evolution Stage in time to enjoy @ParisHilton, & @fewocious at the #MetaverseFestival!
Now lets just hope he made it hope safe. https://twitter.com/decentrala... https://t.co/rWskuXCZji

You're not going to believe it but he's gone again. Last seen pogo-ing to @deadmau5 near The @krakenfx Evolution Stage (hours after the actual performance) Find Juan and post a screenshot of yourself with him for the chance to win a wearable.👇(INFO IN THREAD)👇 https://t.co/x0QW9co8us

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现在让我们只希望他让希望安全了。https://twitter.com/decentrala... https://t.co/rWskuXCZji

你不会相信的,但他又走了。最后一次看到pogo在@krakenfx进化阶段附近的@deadmau5(实际表演数小时后)找到Juan,并与他一起发布自己的屏幕截图,以便有机会赢得可穿戴设备。👇(线程中的信息)👇 https://t.co/x0QW9co8us

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@BoatsGilhooley @Presidents_NFT Must be a new added amount and not pre-existing. Sorry for any confusion.

@BoatsGilhooley@Presidents\u NFT必须是新增加的金额,而不是预先存在的金额。对不起,有什么困惑。

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