RT: This Dec, @sgfintechfest offers us a new way of engaging with one another in light of #COVID19. Can’t wait to experience @SwitchSingapore in 3D!  
@zilliqa & partners, @Bolt_Global, @xfers, @AqillizOfficial, @mintable_app, @Zillacracy @SwitcheoNetwork look fwd to welcoming you! https://twitter.com/zilliqa/st...

@zilliqa&partners,@Bolt逯Global,@xfers,@aQillizo官方,@mintable逯u app,@Zillacracy@switchenetwork期待您的到来!https://twitter.com/zilliqa/st。。。

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We are glad you like it! 🔥🔥
Let us know if you need any help! https://twitter.com/henloitsjo...

trying out @stormxio for the first time, pretty neattttttt

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Check out this interview with Davis Mattek of The Taekcast where we discussed the effect of the pandemic on the adoption of #bitcoin (or the lack thereof) and what adoption really means: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/... https://t.co/GuTnN3C6a6

查看Taekcast的Davis Mattek访谈,我们讨论了大流行对比特币(或缺乏比特币)采用的影响,以及采用比特币的真正含义:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/。。。https://t.co/GuTnN3C6a6

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👀 Check out the top 3 gainers & losers on #KuCoin (Nov 23rd-29th)
What's the top gainer/loser in you bag?
👉 Trade here: https://bit.ly/TradeNOWonKuCoi... https://t.co/m4kEkuCwxW

👀 看看《KuCoin》(11月23日至29日)的前三大赢家和输家
👉 在这里交易:https://bit.ly/tradenownkucoi。。。https://t.co/m4kEkuCwxW

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@ChainLinkGod @compoundfinance @chainlink Verified oracles like the Everipedia OraQle software which runs on #Chainlink infrastructure can help prevent attacks like that. The Everipedia OraQle was recently used by The Associated Press to publish the US election results on the blockchain. https://everipedia.org/oraqle/...

@ChainLinkGod@compoundfinance@chainlink验证过的oracle,比如运行在#chainlink基础设施上的Everipedia OraQle软件可以帮助防止类似的攻击。Everipedia OraQle最近被美联社用来在区块链上发布美国大选结果。https://everipedia.org/oraqle/。。。

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145% APY with Ethereum staking on @SteroidsFinance! We're now running pools for $PNT, $LTC, and $BTC. What are you waiting for? https://zcu.io/viPK 💲 🦾

145%APY,以太坊投资@sterosfinance!我们现在运行$PNT、$LTC和$BTC的池。你还在等什么?https://zcu.io/viPK💲 🦾

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RT: Stay away from people who dedicate their lives to tearing other people down, rather than building themselves up.


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RT: We are excited to announce that Alpaca City will be live on @BinanceChain with 5,000 Alpaca NFTs airdrop on Dec 3rd 6am PST! 🤩
Enjoy a faster experience for your Alpaca City journey! @binance @cz_binance #NFT $ALPA
Learn more - https://medium.com/alpacacity/...


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RT: Happy 2nd bday to @aeternity! 🥳
To many more!🥂🥂
#celebratæternity #blockchain #ae #decentralized #anniversary #mainnet https://twitter.com/aeternity/...

#celebrat Terminity区块链分散周年主网https://twitter.com/aeternity/。。。

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#NewListing: IT'S HERE! Super⭐ $FIL @Filecoin - the decentralized storage network has officially launched @OKEx!
Goes LIVE (UTC):
▶️ Deposit: NOW
▶️ Spot Trading: /USDT 03:00, /BTC & /ETH 04:00 Dec 1
Listing details: https://bit.ly/36iHpZi
About $FIL: https://bit.ly/2Jk0thf https://t.co/hsxByRCpmu

#新上市:在这里!超级的⭐ $FIL@Filecoin-分散存储网络正式推出@OKEx!
▶️ 存款:现在
▶️ 现货交易:/USDT 03:00,/BTCÐ 04:00 Dec 1

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RT: The latest #Binance iOS App update to v2.22.0 is 🔥
A lot of new features and finally in german language 🇩🇪🍻
Really nice update @BinanceProduct 👌 https://t.co/gASTkbpwpB

转发:Binance iOS应用程序的最新更新版本是v2.22.0🔥
非常好的更新@BinanceProduct👌 https://t.co/gASTkbpwpB

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🔥🔥🔥 #Roobee’s autumn round-up. Part 1.
It’s time for us to take a look at all of the Roobee highlights that happened this autumn. We've put them together into two posts, and this is part 1!
Here is the progress that was made over the three months:
➡️ https://medium.com/roobee-inve... https://t.co/iyBXoTXbxS

🔥🔥🔥 #鲁比的秋天的聚会。第1部分。
➡️ https://medium.com/roobee inve。。。https://t.co/iybxoxbxs

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The beta testing program for https://neverlose.money/ is successfully finished. We will launch the open beta version in mid of January (as soon as the contract audit is finished). Visit https://beta.neverlose.money/ to see how it looks (access via Goerli Testnet). #DeFi #HUNT #Ethereum https://t.co/ar7B7ZUb1P

的beta测试程序https://neverlose.money/已成功完成。我们将在1月中旬发布开放测试版(合同审核一结束)。访问https://beta.neverlose.money/查看它的外观(通过Goerli Testnet访问)。#德菲亨特以太坊https://t.co/ar7B7ZUb1P

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RT: Thinking about "taste" and data emissions in the context of social tokens, after a conversation with @shivmalik yesterday for my @rally_io column:

RT:昨天在我的@rally iu io专栏上与@shivmalik交谈后,在社交令牌的背景下思考“品味”和数据排放:

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RT: #Market Watch Weekly: $BTC surged 34% in November and is likely to post its highest ever monthly close tomorrow, despite the #Thanksgiving correction last week. Read more👇
https://bit.ly/39vK7g7 https://t.co/Qfo6ahrjOi


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Such brilliant leaders in FinTech, crypto & beyond scheduled to be at @sgfintechfest 2020! @BillGates @jacindaardern @satyanadella @JulieSweet @RaghuramRRajan @Akon @NandanNilekani to name a few! 😎
Get your passes now! ➡️https://www.fintechfestival.sg...
More on Zilliqa booth 🔜 - AN https://t.co/OJtIPxeJNc

这些金融科技、加密和超越领域的杰出领袖们计划在@sgfintechfest 2020大会上亮相!@比尔盖茨@jacindaardern@satyanadella@JulieSweet@raghuramrajan@Akon@nandanilekani等等!😎
更多关于Zilliqa展位的信息🔜 -安https://t.co/OJtIPxeJNc

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RT: Margin Trading Enabled on #Binance for:
🔸 @ArdorPlatform $ARDR
🔸 @hard_protocol $HARD
🔸 @LTOnetwork $LTO
🔸 @zilliqa $ZIL

🔸 @hard_协议$hard
🔸 @LTO网络$LTO
🔸 @齐利卡$ZIL

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RT: #Bitcoin is like digital gold; #TRON is like digital oil.


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