The https://crypto.com/ Weekly DeFi Market Update:
⛓ @optimismPBC Optimistic Ethereum mainnet soft-launch
📈 Top gainers: $CRV (+146.87%), $AAVE (+54.72%), $REN (+53.16%)
🚀 Top 100 #DeFi tokens market cap: $35.2B
What moved the market last week👇🏻

⛓ @乐观以太坊主网络软件发布
📈 涨幅居前的股票有:CRV(+146.87%)、AAVE美元(+54.72%)、REN美元(+53.16%)
🚀 前100名DeFi代币市值:352亿美元

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@__sopoos cough, @TrustWalletApp, cough


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RT: INJ is listing on @HuobiGlobal, which currently stands as one of the world's largest cryptocurrency trading platforms by volume⭐️


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@tbr90 @akashnet_ It was a great idea! Don't delay good ideas =)


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@scupytrooples ;)


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@cryptocrine It was on the table at one point 🤣 Got $250k?

@它曾经在桌子上🤣 有25万美元吗?

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@cryptokhabra Valid, still working on those, some times it has a long lead time, but it signals to the community the two projects are communicating and working towards *something*.


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@emc2_st Valid, in a way, chaosnet was the first release, 17 point updates were delivered to fix and tweak.
From a different perspective, it's easy to polish off features whilst still in testnet, much harder to deliver after launch.
Multichain coming soon =)

@emc2\u st Valid,在某种程度上,chaosnet是第一个版本,17点更新被交付到修复和调整。

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typo: the = to.


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RT: Feeling like giving away some sweet @metalpaysme @protonxpr swag today. I’ve got three boxes 📦 to go out, complete with customized @livelarq bottles. To win RT, follow me back, tag a friend and tell me what excites you about cryptocurrency 🔥🤘 https://t.co/l40kvxSfn5

RT:今天想送一些甜的@metalpaysme@protonxpr礼物吗。我有三个箱子📦 外出,配有定制的@livelarq瓶子。要赢得RT,请跟我回来,标记一个朋友,告诉我加密货币让你兴奋的地方🔥🤘 https://t.co/l40kvxSfn5

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What is your favorite Hakka Finance product?


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#Huobi Inno Hub Launches $INJ!
🔹Deposits: Open
🔹Trading: 17:00 on Jan. 19 (GMT+8)
💰Share 25,000 $USDT, Deposit INJ!
Click for details⬇️

#Huobi Inno Hub推出$INJ!

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#ETH is about the join the new ATH club. 👏


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@Noahpinion Not sure this is quite right. Marginal mining in Morocco drives up the difficulty, which may cause someone mining in Britain to shut off. This effectively transfers energy.
Not instant, difficulty doesn't immediately adjust, etc. But it isn't zero effect.


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What has the THORChain project:
* Done right
* Done wrong (and can be fixed)
Anything goes. Comment below.


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RT: @MrBeastYT I'm a content creator and curator on #HIVE (@hiveblocks). HIVE is a web3.0 decentralized #Blockchain where users can engage with many communities and post their content for a chance to earn #crypto, but it's more than that. We have @3speakonline, @PeakDcom, @FinanceLeo, and more.


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@BraneWerms @ColMorrisDavis @CawthornforNC And now he wants to kidnap and torture Americans.


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RT: Great news for #Symbol by @NEMofficial , coming out this week! 🚀
We started the year in the best way with updates and new players that are joining Symbol public #blockchain this year!
Stay tuned for all the updates 📢 https://t.co/p4h05Gt1DG

转发:Symbol by@NEMofficial的好消息,本周发布!🚀
我们以最好的方式开始了新的一年,更新和新玩家今年加入了Symbol public区块链!
请继续关注所有更新📢 https://t.co/p4h05Gt1DG

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@arcxmoney + xSushi 🎊

"ARCx has officially added xSushi as a collateral type to mint STABLEx"
- 200% Collateral Ratio
- 0% Interest Rate 👀
- 5m STABLEx hard-limit with xSushi as collateral.
食事の時間 🍣👏

“ARCx正式将xSushi作为mint STABLEx的抵押品类型”
-5m STABLEx硬限制,以xSushi为抵押。
食事の時間 🍣👏

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