Hello @zoeadamovicz , I'm Arden from @lina_network, A Blockchain Company in Switzerland.
We are looking for a new partner and found you are the well-known person in crypto market, so we have a proposal; to cooperate with you in near future.
Can you please give me your email.


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Clearing the confusion, the Glitzkoin token is GTN and not GLT. And yes, the GTN is trading at $0.30 - 50% above its ICO closing price ... https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt... https://t.co/PRUdMKwD7S


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Love is in the air🥰.... and so are some free KRI🤑! To spread the love 💞 this Valentine's Day we will be running a daily selfie/sign competition with token prizes! Here's how to enter
- Post a selfie with a #WeLoveKRI sign
- Use the hashtag #WeLoveKRI when posting
Good luck! 🍀 https://t.co/s4ZCv09AEq

爱在空气中。。。。还有一些免费的KRI!传播爱💞 今年情人节,我们每天都会举办自拍/签名比赛,并颁发象征性奖品!以下是如何进入
祝你好运!🍀 https://t.co/s4ZCv09AEq

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We're continuing to make progress on our Q1 roadmap. Check out what we've accomplished so far and what we have left to do before the end of the quarter! $GTO #Goals


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We hereby announce that Raisex Exchanger is still in maintenance status for wallet of OTOCASH and we are informed that the OTO Token can be traded on Monday.


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Termination Of OTOCASH ERC20 Token. This announcement is an OFFICIAL DECLARATION regarding OTOCASH ERC20 Token Termination. Termination Of OTOCASH ERC20 Token is an immediate effect.
Read more: https://www.otocash.io/2019/02...

终止OTOCASH ERC20代币。本公告是关于OTOCASH ERC20代币终止的正式声明。终止OTOCASH ERC20代币立即生效。

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"Love is in the air🥰.... and so are some free KRI🤑! To spread the love 💞 this Valentine's Day we will be running a daily selfie/sign competition with token prizes! Here's how to enter:
- Post a selfie with a #WeLoveKRI sign
- Use the hashtag #WeLoveKRI when posting
🍀 https://t.co/vQKaViiS82

“爱在空气中。。。。还有一些免费的KRI!传播爱💞 今年情人节,我们每天都会举办自拍/签名比赛,并颁发象征性奖品!以下是如何输入:
🍀 https://t.co/vQKaViiS82

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@Chimpionio is excited to announce that our platform now supports @binance Coin #BNB. To celebrate, we are launching a BNB exclusive online marketplace called http://www.bnbavenue.com/ that drop ships from Amazon. @cz_binance you don't need Amazon, we BUILD over them! #BNB #Binance https://t.co/pGpg4mK66n

@Chimpionio很高兴地宣布,我们的平台现在支持@binance Coin#BNB。为了庆祝,我们推出了一个名为http://www.bnbavenue.com/的BNB独家在线市场,该市场将从亚马逊发货。@捷克比南斯你不需要亚马逊,我们建立在他们之上!#BNB二进制文件https://t.co/pGpg4mK66n

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American wholesaler H&M Distributors announced that it will accept crypto payments. Via a partnership with crypto ecommerce platform @chimpionio, retailers can buy from H&M in BitcoinDiamond, @BitcoinCash, @BitcoinDiamond_, @Dashpay, @ethereum, @litecoin, @zcoinofficial,and more. https://t.co/MZ6T0MPcwx


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American wholesaler H&M Distributors announced that it will accept #crypto payments. Via a partnership with crypto - ecommerce platform Chimpion, retailers can buy from H&M in @BitcoinDiamond_, @BitcoinCash, @Bitcoin, @Dashpay, @ethereum, @litecoin, @zcoinofficial, and more. https://t.co/hUjYgXJWVl


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💚Dear Community💚
Soon, we are going to delight you with new placement of our VEST currency on the largest platforms. Our Team is doing its best to achieve maximum success. http://vestchain.io/
#VestChain #listing #blockchain #token #bountyprogram #BountyHunter https://t.co/Cn1XRkLEMj


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Auto retailer RPMOutlet announces that it will accept crypto payments as part of the Chimpion network. This enables auto dealers & enthusiasts to buy parts with @BitcoinDiamond_ , @BitcoinCash, @Bitcoin, @Dashpay @ethereum, @litecoin and @zcoinofficial. #ecommerce #sellwithcrypto https://t.co/oRGkFKITH9

汽车零售商RPMOutlet宣布,它将接受加密支付作为黑猩猩网络的一部分。这使得汽车经销商和车迷能够用@BitcoinDiamond、@BitcoinCash、@Bitcoin、@Dashpay@ethereum、@litecoin和@zcoinofficial购买零部件。#电子商务#sellwithcrypto https://t.co/oRGkFKITH9

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Read the #Metronome Update - January 2019 - with thoughts on @EventBinance, $ETC, and community building tools. https://medium.com/@MetronomeT... https://t.co/ck0FgYm9Qz


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Online automotive retailer RPM Outlet has announced that it will accept payments in Bitcoin Diamond and other #cryptocurrency as part of the @chimpionio network in collaboration with @shopcartelite. #bcd #chimpion #ecommerce #bitcoindiamond #sellwithcrypto #paywithcrypto https://t.co/6zqdrbr54S

在线汽车零售商RPM Outlet宣布,它将接受比特币钻石和其他加密货币的支付,作为@chimpionio网络的一部分,并与@shopcartelite合作。#bcd#黑猩猩#电子商务ţ比特币钻石ţsellwithcryptoţpaywithcrypto https://t.co/6zqdrbr54S

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RT: @provoost is explaining his work on using your hardware wallet with Bitcoin Core https://t.co/9phzjFmN2s


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With today’s closing of our transaction with Rosenthal Collins Group, we welcome great new team members to Bakkt
RCG’s remarkable heritage, culture and expertise will help us build out a trusted institutional infrastructure for digital assets https://t.co/KuqJjzMfCx


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